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Product Migration Solutions 
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Today, many longtime SimplexGrinnell customers are looking for simple, cost-effective ways to update their fire alarm systems. They want to leverage the latest technology and prepare for future growth – while maximizing the value of their existing fire alarm infrastructure investments.  SimplexGrinnell has a long history of designing for forward and backward compatibility and in keeping with this philosophy we offer migration technology for a venerable family of legacy Simplex and Autocall systems.

Legacy 2120 Systems

While our 2120 systems have stood the test of time, it has become impossible to continue manufacturing replacement parts for this legacy system first sold in 1981. The Simplex 4100U BMUX replacement enables existing Simplex 2120 systems, some installed over 20 years ago, to be quickly and cost-effectively migrated to our leading-edge Simplex 4100U system technology.

For more information on migrating the Legacy 2120 system, click here.

Legacy 4100 Systems

The current 4100U was introduced in 1988 as a 512-point panel supporting conventional detectors. Since then, many key features have been added, including addressable detectors, a greatly increased point capacity, networking, digital voice, an internet connection module, and a large screen display. Customers who bought the original system in 1988 could upgrade to the latest functionality without replacing any of their existing wiring or backboxes, and with minimal disruption to their building and its occupants.  Built upon the legendary field-proven performance of the Simplex 4100 Series, the Simplex 4100U Universal Fire Alarm platform creates a new standard in life and property protection. It leverages new technology to bring you the highest levels of safety, manageability and value over the lifecycle of your investment.

To learn more about migrating a 4100 to a 4100U platform, click here.

Legacy Autocall Systems

Although we will continue to support Autocall products into the foreseeable future, the next generation replacements for these products are the Simplex 4100U series panels.  The migration path from Autocall XA and TFX Series panels to 4100U includes a wide range of options designed to help minimize disruption and cost in your facility:

·         The TFX Loop Interface Module allows an Autocall TFX fire panel to be replaced with a 4100U control panel while retaining the TFX addressable devices.

·         The XA Loop Interface Card allows the many other legacy Autocall panels to be replaced with a 4100U while retaining existing XA Series devices.  An alternate mode of operation allows the 4100U to act as a data gathering panel on the XA Loop for system expansion.

·         A hardware kit allows 4100U fire alarm equipment to be easily mounted into existing Autocall 8809 Series back boxes

·         The 4100U/TFX Network Interface allows 4100U fire alarm control panels to be connected to existing Autocall TFX network systems.


For more information on any SimplexGrinnell Fire Detection and Alarm application, contact your nearest SimplexGrinnell district officeFor Financing and other services we offer, click here.

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