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NAC Extender Panels 

Complying with the notification requirements of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) may require more power than is available at the fire alarm control panel. When additional power is needed, Simplex offers a choice of two NAC Extender panels.


4009 TrueAlert® NAC Extenders 
4009 TrueAlert NAC Extender 
The Simplex® 4009 Series TrueAlert Addressable Controller is a remotely mounted control panel that provides 8 Amps of power to three circuits of TrueAlert addressable Notification appliances.
4009 IDNet™ NAC Extenders  
4009 IDNET NAC Extender 
When additional power is needed to meet the requirements of ADA, a Simplex 4009 IDNet NAC Extender can provide up to 8 Amps of power for up to eight, supervised notification appliance circuits.