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Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation and Services 

Choose SimplexGrinnell for Fire Sprinkler Installation & Services 

At SimplexGrinnell, we take pride in serving all of our customers. No fire sprinkler project is too large or too small, too easy or too complex. Our 150 years of leadership in the Fire Sprinkler industry has given us tremendous experience in both conventional and Special Hazards systems, in every setting where fire sprinklers protect people and property. And with a network of 150 district offices, our national footprint brings this capability to your doorstep.  

A key advantage in choosing a SimplexGrinnell fire sprinkler system is product knowledge. Selecting the right product for your specific application by utilizing the latest in technology can often save you money up front, or in future renovations. We install and service all major brands of equipment. Whether it’s the most up-to-date fire sprinkler technology from Tyco Fire Suppression and Building Products, or systems manufactured by other quality suppliers such as Viking, Reliable, Globe and others, you can be sure our purchasing strength and long-term supplier relationships allow us to obtain highly competitive pricing.

By serving on NFPA committees and participating in the code adoption process, we stay abreast of updates in national standards. Our local offices apply this information, along with local code compliance, in planning and configuring the correct fire sprinkler solutions for your customers or for your facilities.

To keep your fire sprinkler systems ready for an emergency, we offer comprehensive Testing, Inspection & Preventive Maintenance, as well as 24/7 Emergency Services. It’s one more reason to choose SimplexGrinnell for all of your Fire and Life-Safety Protection needs.

SimplexGrinnell has made this same commitment to protecting its workforce and the environment. Through implementation of a world class Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) program, SimplexGrinnell is positioned to ensure that work activities carried out will not compromise an individual's safety and will not create harm to the environment. SimplexGrinnell’s NICET-certified Inspectors and field teams have the needed technical and safety training required to effectively and safely service Fire Protection Systems installed at your facilities.

SimplexGrinnell has earned special certification for our security, fire and life-safety integration services under the SAFETY Act (Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies). This certification and designation from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security extends important benefits to SimplexGrinnell customers, including legal liability protection in the event of a terrorist attack on the U.S. homeland. Click here to learn more about the SAFETY Act certification.

We offer the following portfolio of products:

Standard Sprinkler Systems 
Fire sprinkler system blueprints 

SimplexGrinnell’s experience with Fire Sprinkler installation and services is without equal. Our systems protect tens of thousands of facilities throughout North America. In our long history we’ve installed more than 50 million sprinkler heads and countless miles of piping.

Special Hazards Sprinkler Systems 
Petrochemical Plant 
Today, SimplexGrinnell systems are installed in virtually every Special Hazards setting from power generation to automotive and aviation facilities, from LNG operations to chemical and petrochemical refining and processing facilities, from clean rooms to museums.
Testing, Inspection & Maintenance 
Fire sprinkler fitter testing sprinkler head 
Based in over 150 district offices across North America, our Services organization is the industry’s largest, with more than 5,000 field personnel. Our comprehensive Sprinkler Services help ensure that your system will perform when it is needed most.
Residential Sprinkler Systems 
Fire sprinkler fitter outside house 
Grinnell Fire Protection helped produce the first “Residential” fire sprinkler in the early 1980s. Since then SimplexGrinnell has supported the expanding market for Residential Sprinkler Systems with cost-effective planning, installation and services.
Design Centers of Excellence 
Fire sprinkler system blueprints 
Good design plays a central role in fire sprinkler system performance and costs. You can count on SimplexGrinnell’s experience to help you achieve the correct, code-compliant and cost-effective solution for your application.
Major Projects 
SimplexGrinnell Fire Sprinklers protect tens of thousands of facilities across North America. Our customers include every type of industrial, commercial, retail, healthcare, educational, entertainment, public sector and governmental operation.