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Sound and Communications 

As a premier supplier of Life-Safety Notification Solutions, SimplexGrinnell has the experience and creative problem-solving proficiency to provide “best-in-class” products and services. Our range of solutions incorporates both one-way and two-way voice communications that can be delivered, heard and understood in even the most challenging acoustic environments.  As an accomplished systems integrator, we provide solutions that match your needs, using the most effective technologies at affordable prices. As a leader in Emergency Communications, we employ the most resilient platforms and interactive operations with Fire and Security to provide comprehensive solutions. And, as an organization that has people with know-how near you, we provide life-cycle support services to ensure your systems operate efficiently and reliably.

That’s why schools, universities, hospitals, institutions and businesses choose SimplexGrinnell to supply their communications systems. It’s also why building designers, architects, contractors and engineers turn to SimplexGrinnell as a single-source provider for integrated solutions that keep people safe, informed and connected.

SimplexGrinnell has earned special certification for our security, fire and life-safety integration services under the SAFETY Act (Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies). This certification and designation from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security extends important benefits to SimplexGrinnell customers, including legal liability protection in the event of a terrorist attack on the U.S. homeland.  Click here to learn more about the SAFETY Act certification.

Let us craft a Sound Solution for you.

Our Sound & Communications portfolio includes these solutions:
Public Address 
Outdoor Speakers Mounted to Building 

SimplexGrinnell offers commercial sound equipment and engineered public address solutions designed to both enhance public safety and improve operational efficiency.  Simultaneous and sequential announcements can be generated from virtually any source.

Intercom Plate with Attention Label 
Modular design and open architecture are the foundation of SimplexGrinnell’s Two-Way Communications Solutions.  Door entry, emergency call, and talkback systems can be configured to interconnect with various systems and VoIP networks.
Desktop Telephone 
When a communications need calls for premise-to-premise telecommunications or interconnection of local systems with the telephone infrastructure SimplexGrinnell offers a seamless solution with either new equipment or integration to existing equipment.
Sound Reinforcement 
Speakers Suspended from Arena Ceiling 
Whether the need is to project sound in a small room, open area, gymnasium, or an auditorium, SimplexGrinnell provides a complete portfolio of audio-visual products and design, installation, and commissioning services to ensure that the result is “larger than life.”
Emergency Communications 
Message in a Bottle 

In an emergency, people need to know what to do. Immediately! Today more than ever, public, private and commercial institutions are turning to real-time emergency notification systems to warn and direct people to take shelter, relocate or evacuate in the threat to life safety.