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Our Intercom Systems portfolio offers an array of products and infrastructures designed to provide high quality, two-way communications for a wide range of applications, including multi-level buildings and building campuses.

System planning and layout considerations typically include: system size, background noise; public (open speaker) or private (typically a handset) usage preferences; predetermined or selective call destination; technology platform selection (traditional, structured cable, or Ethernet-based); need for special features (such as voice paging and video image enhancement); traffic analysis for multiple usage and simultaneous operations; interaction with other operations (such as Access Control or Audio Surveillance) and interconnection with other communications systems.

Whether your intercom systems will be used for routine communications, emergency call, or specialized applications, additional operations may be required. With our extensive systems integration experience, SimplexGrinnell is ready to help you achieve the clear, reliable and cost-effective communications you seek.

Let us craft a Sound Solution for you.

Intercom Operations

Station to Master Capability of generating a call from a remote location (station) to a pre-designated central point (master) by activating a single button or switch.

Station to Station Capability of selecting a destination (another station or master) before generating a call.  Selection is typically accomplished by entering an extension number on a keypad.

Area of Rescue Capability of an Intercom System to be used as an Emergency Call system for physically challenged individuals at designated “Area-of-Rescue” locations in accordance with the American Disability Act.  Remote stations are required to be labeled for this special application and have large, easy-to-activate pushbuttons and indications verifying that a call has been placed. In addition, an indication that help is on the way is to be activated after communication with the master. This subsequent indication can only be reset at the point of origin.

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A Choice of System Solutions  

Simplex® TrueCom Platform
This comprehensive Sound & Communications solution comprises video signal distribution controllers, intercoms, microphones, telephones, loud speakers, voice mail communication servers, and computer hardware and software for controlling the system.

Simplex® 5100 Systems Family
Part of the Simplex TrueCom Platform, the Simplex 5100 systems family integrates an audio control center capable of multi-zone paging and program distribution with talkback. Comprising the Simplex 5105, 5110, 5115 and 5120 systems, this completely scalable product group is designed to fulfill a broad scope of communication needs in both industrial and institutional facilities.

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Learn more about our ability to meet your needs for Intercom Systems and Services by contacting your nearest SimplexGrinnell district office. For Financing and other services we offer, click here.