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Special Hazards 

SimplexGrinnell is a leader in providing Special Hazards systems to help protect high-risk, high-value environments and operations. We can plan, lay out, install, service and support sophisticated systems for sites where chemicals, flammables, processes or equipment require specialized fire protection and suppression solutions.

SimplexGrinnell has earned special certification for our security, fire and life-safety integration services under the SAFETY Act (Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies). This certification and designation from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security extends important benefits to SimplexGrinnell customers, including legal liability protection in the event of a terrorist attack on the U.S. homeland.  Click here to learn more about the SAFETY Act certification.

We offer solutions for both Fire Sprinkler systems and Special Hazards systems:

Special Hazards Sprinkler Systems 
Petrochemical Plant 

Today, SimplexGrinnell systems are installed in virtually every Special Hazards setting from power generation to automotive and aviation facilities, from LNG operations to chemical and petrochemical refining and processing facilities, from clean rooms to museums. 

Special Hazards Suppression Systems 
Gas Station 

A Special Hazards Suppression System is indicated for high-hazard, high-value manufacturing processes or specialty equipment requiring a combination of electrical and mechanical fire protection systems.