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Simplex 100® Time/Date Stamps 
Simplex 100 Time/Date Stamp 

The Simplex® 100 Time/Date Stamp is a full-featured, premium product that lets you  track time in one of two modes: as a time clock, or as a time/date stamp. It features an assortment of user-selectable print formats and time displays, as well as the ability to number documents. It also incorporates an array of premium features, such as the ability to customize comments, interface with a master clock, and ring bells – features not found in any other clock in its price range.

This proven workhorse is ideal for any business that requires printing of time, date and text on documents or incoming mail, as well as employee time recording, job costing, and dispatching.

The Simplex 100 can be mounted on a wall as a time clock or placed on a table for use as a time/date stamp. With its attractive yet rugged design, the Simplex 100 is perfect for both office and industrial environments.


  • Perpetual calendar to the year 2094 for automatic advancement to current day, month and year
  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustment
  • Memory protection of time and date with internal lithium battery
  • Battery back-up protection (optional – 72 hours of timekeeping and punching operation during power failures
  • Internal piezo alarm – can be set to activate up to 24 bells throughout the day
  • Master clock interface (24 hours) – permits Simplex 100 to be synchronized by a Simplex® Time Control Center
  • Master/slave capability – acts as a master clock to synchronize time throughout a building
  • User-definable print activation – automatically by document insertion, manually by print switch contact
  • Available in 100, 110 and 220 V models
  • Multilingual printing capabilities – English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German


  • Rechargeable power reserve battery – allows full operation, even during power failures
  • Signal control (bell ringer) relay – ensures prompt start/stop of work activities by ringing a bell or horn at your scheduled times



For more information on Simplex® 100 Time/Date Stamp, or to arrange a demonstration, contact your nearest SimplexGrinnell district office. For Financing and other services we offer, click here.